Green Abundance By Design

Green Abundance By Design loves to create and care for your landscape.

Our foremost goal is to allow for maximum health and biodiversity in the landscape. We design, install, and maintain our gardens accordingly.

We are happy to tailor our services to meet the needs of our customer’s gardens and budgets.

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2019 Services Menu


Invasive Plant Management

One of the most pressing issues our landscapes and ecosystems face is the ever expanding growth of invasive plants. Invasive plants form mono cultures in our ecosystems and threaten the diversity of our native plant life. As a result this has a detrimental impact on the biodiversity our landscapes can support. We follow best industry practices to control invasive growth in our landscapes and see invasive plant management as an integral component to our work in promoting native plants and maximizing biodiversity.


Landcare Maintenance

We want your gardens to look and function at their best. That is why we offer a host of ecologically based landcare services to keep your garden at its healthiest.


Suburban Pollinator Meadows

We design, install, and care for beautiful pollinator gardens that fit the size and scale of suburbia. They add beauty to the landscape while supporting birds, bees, butterflies and beneficial invertebrates.


Native Plant Gardens

We design with Native Plants to deepen a landscape’s ecological function. Providing a host of benefits to wildlife and Natural environment, Native Plants play an important role in improving Suburbia and Nature’s relationship to one another.


Edible Forest Gardens

We love gardens that help provide delicious food for its stewards. Edible Forests Gardens offer perennial systems of food within the different layers of natural ecosystems.


Rain Gardens

We love making gardens that harvest the bounty of nature’s abundance. Rain gardens are an important part in our landscapes as they help store and clean nature’s most precious resource.


Lawn Alternatives

Sick of mowing? Not using the lawn for play or gathering? There are plenty of plant alternatives that can replace the lawn and provide less maintenance and deeper ecological benefits for humans and wildlife.

Get in touch to start discussing your lawn’s transformation.


No Mow Lawn

We understand there is a place for lawn in a landscape, and we want to offer a lower maintenance and more ecological version. Flexible in its aesthetic and maintenance requirements, this is a great step in developing a more ecological landscape.


Design Services

We think that the best start to any garden is a foundation in good data. This is why we perform a site analysis to assess the solar, soil and moisture conditions. With that data, we generate an in depth plant matrix for the landscape. Finishing the package, our landscape design lays out the roadmap for your landscape.