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Suburban Pollinator Meadow


Why Meadows?

Meadows are an uncommon natural feature in the north eastern United States. While they do exist, generally open land transitions to forest after a period of time without yearly disturbances.

Meadows provide a huge role in the health and well being of our pollinators.

In the suburban landscape, we spend a lot of energy and effort toward maintaining our often ornamental gardens.

Meadow gardens expand upon Nature while also reducing the landscape’s energy and maintenance expenditures.


Suburban Meadows

The Suburban meadow is a meadow that is designed to fit the size and scale of the suburban landscape while producing the aesthetic and functional benefits of a natural meadow.

Have a lawn that no one plays on? A parking lot island where drought and snow makes growing plants difficult? The Suburban Meadow is a great answer to deepen the ecological value for many areas of our landscape.

Scroll down to explore our portfolio of Suburban Meadows with the film and gallery below.


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