Green Abundance By Design

Open Spirit Public Edible Forest Garden

Perennial Food for Humans and Wildlife

Pollinator Food and Habitat

Passive Rainwater Harvesting

Majority Massachusetts native plants


Public Space

In the spring of 2015 a conversation began between Transition Framingham and Edwards Church Open Spirit (ECOS).

ECOS had the desire to bring the concept of Edible Forest Gardens to their campus.



The goal became to transform a marginal steeply sloped lawn into a garden that would give back.

With that aim we created a Massachusetts native plant based garden that produces food for humans and wildlife, provides food and habitat for pollinators, and passively harvests rainwater.



This is a garden seeking to deepen the functions of under utilized landscapes.

A whole lot of love, community, and care has gone into making this garden a reality.

If you are interested in learning more of this garden’s creation, there are a host of videos below.


Site Analysis, Design, Transformation


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