To begin we must understand where the basis for our designs and decisions are based.

Permaculture as a name and a movement began with the work of Bill Mollison.  While working for the Australian Forestry Service he came to the observation that by following the patterns and design found within nature, human beings would have better opportunities for creating and sustaining lasting systems that would facilitate regenerative ecology.

Permaculture at its core presents an ethical statement before any design considerations are made…  

    Care for the earth, care for the people, and return the surplus.

With Permaculture, we look towards the way in which nature patterns and designs its own systems and structure.  From here we have the opportunity, to take our understanding for nature’s design pattern and best apply this knowledge to our landscapes.

With this as our foundation, our goals are to fulfill the promise of providing resilient, healthy and minimal maintenance gardens that are not only designed to do no harm to the people and animals who live with them, but also provide for a regenerative landscape that strengthens and increases the health of the ecology and human community around it.