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Green Abundance is offering an alternative to your standard fall clean up.

At Green Abundance we look to recycle your fall leaves into the landscape as a fine mulch. This removes their smothering characteristics and allows them to fertilize your existing lawn and garden.

Save your weekend. Save the waste.

Let Green Abundance turn autumn’s abundance into your garden’s gold.

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  1. We remove any built up whole leaf material from your garden beds by blowing them into any open space in the landscape. This is usually lawn or a driveway.

  2. We take our commercial lawn mower and we mulch the leaves by driving the mower over the leaf material multiple times. This creates very small pieces of leaf material. Often 1/10-1/15th the original size of the whole leaf (pictured below).

  3. We then blow the finely mulched leaf material back into the landscape. Some material will remain in the lawn/grass areas, but never to an extent that would smother any grass (again see picture below for example of mulch density in grass). The most common place we put any excess leaf mulch is into the garden beds around the property or around the base of trees. This creates an excellent mulch to help fertilize and protect the plants in those beds.

    We are able to accomodate specific requests for where the homeowner would prefer this leaf material to be distributed in their gardens.