Thank you for coming to visit Green Abundance By Design.

I see our landscapes as being one of the greatest resources we have in our lives.

With Green Abundance I wanted to create a company that can leverage the power of nature’s patterns and designs to help create the healthiest and most sustainable gardens for ourselves, the natural world and the future of both.

Green Abundance focuses on harmonizing our landscapes to be the receivers of all that nature has to offer.  This comes in many forms and layers to create a system of plants and plant relationships that provide a number of benefits to both humans and nature alike.

I invite you to explore the website for an in depth look at the work we do.  The Films section provides a nice overview of our work and thought process behind it.

I love nothing more than getting the opportunity to design and install gardens, so please let me know if you would like to bring Green Abundance to your home, community space, or commercial property.

-Andrew Whittaker